Set in the small town of Ann Siang Hill, an infamous cold case on children going missing led to the abandonment of the ghastly neighbourhood. Inspector Tan took the case into his own hands for personal reasons, only to struggle between hallucinations and reality. The mysterious visions he encounters as he travels through the ghost town looking for clues leads him closer towards the truth behind the disappearances of the children. 

Throughout the game, you will discover visions of the past through the persona. This is indicated by entering a colorized version of the scene. You may also pick up evidences from NPCs or props on the grounds. These evidences will hint at the places to go, or unravel bits of pieces of the storyline. You are encouraged to replay a couple of times to get the whole story!

Ann Siang Hill is a small hill in Singapore's Chinatown district. This story is entirely fictional and the setting and characters do not relate to any real-life incidents or people.

This game is an interactive storytelling project for a module that I've taken. Hacks are banned in the module, so some workarounds and compromises are made instead. It is built using Bitsy, a pixel game editor made by @adamledoux! Find out more about Bitsy here: